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Başaran Taxi serves our valuable customers with Ford Courier brand vehicles. The trunk spaces of them are more than 700 liters and they also have a smart adjustable luggage cover to keep your belongings organized. Spacious trunks of our vehicles can fit all kinds of loads, luggage, belongings etc… Electronic Automatic Temperature Control is used to choose the desired temperature and the system’s advanced air conditioning keeps the temperature of the environment level. Our vehicles have got enough interior space and the rear seats can be folded, allowing to carry all kinds of loads. Our vehicles are fully maintained and everything is thought of for our customers to have a safe journey.


After all of the vehicles are carefully checked every day, they are put in a waiting queue for customers. All maintenance is done with care before its due and is inspected thoroughly daily. Our taxi service vehicles are also cleaned every day the same way and they are always ready and clean for high quality service. All of our drivers are conscious and sensitive in this matter. In addition, our latest model vehicles are driven by our experienced, expert, skilled and friendly drivers. With the special driving safety system, we provide our valuable customers with a safe and smooth journey even under the worst conditions with the special driving safety system.